Thunder Mountain Trail

Thunder Mountain Trail is located just outside Bryce Canyon National Park and is a gorgeous mountain bike trail with scenic views of the backside of Bryce Canyon. Pass through hoodoos, ride the mountain ridgeline and through pine forest on this 14.7 mile loop.

Trail Type: Biking

Length: 14.7 mile loop (if you include the Red Canyon paved trail to make the full loop)

Location: Bryce Canyon, Coyote Hollow trailhead or Red Canyon trailhead (if doing the loop)

Difficulty: Intermediate

Elevation Change: 1,748 ft

This is a singletrack trail with lots of switchbacks for climbs and descents, with close to 3,000 feet in elevation changes throughout the ride. The trail gets a little technical at the end with some drops and tighter switchbacks, but it should be fine for intermediate riders.

If you don’t have a second car or using a shuttle service, plan to start at Red Canyon paved bike trail and make it a loop.

Watch for horses. Horseback riding is also allowed on this trail. Dogs are not.

Best time to go: Spring, summer and fall

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Thunder Mountain Trail

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