Wedge Overlook Trail

The Wedge Overlook trail in the San Rafael Swell provides access to one of the best scenic vistas in the state. This trail features a good easy ride for families, a more challenging intermediate ride and a lengthy advanced ride. The trail starts in a wide open desert that supports sporadic grasses, sage, juniper and pinion pine. There is also the possibility of viewing jackrabbit and pronghorn antelope on the way. The rides begin at level areas suitable for vehicle parking and steadily climb to the Wedge Overlook viewpoint, 1000 feet above the San Rafael River. You will find a breath-taking spectacular view of the "Little Grand Canyon," overlooking the river gorge. Continue in either direction along the rim for additional dramatic and unusual views of the canyon. There are excellent overlook areas that view smaller side canyons where you may want to have lunch and rest before sailing back downhill to your vehicle.

Directions: From Price, head south on Hwy 10. Turn left (east) on the good graveled Buckhorn Draw Road, which leaves Hwy 10 approximately 1 mile north of Castle Dale, and drive 12.6 miles to a signed junction and a small cinder block building (known as Buckhorn Well). Turn right (south) for 1/2 mile to the parking area for the intermediate level ride to the overlook. Novice riders should continue down the left fork (Wedge Overlook Road) for about 4 miles, where you'll find ample parking at another fork in the road where you may start your trail ride. Advanced riders can begin their tour about 11 miles further back along the main Buckhorn Draw Road.

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