Mill Hollow Snowmobile Complex

The Mill Hollow complex interconnects with the popular Mirror Lake and Strawberry complexes. Below are details about specific features.

This is one of the best-maintained trails in the Strawberry Complex and offers excellent riding opportunities for families and beginning riders. Expansive play areas are located immediately adjacent to the trail at lower elevations. Most of the trail winds leisurely through the tall evergreens and aspens of the area, though caution is advised near the summit, as high winds can cause drifting and can create hazardous conditions.

The Soapstone Trail begins near the Soapstone Gate (Milepost 14.5 on Highway 150) and climbs gradually to wide, open play areas. Several switchbacks along the trail reward riders with ever-changing views and vistas of the upper Provo River Valley. Riders unfamiliar with the area should stay on the groomed trail or ride with an experienced trail guide. The southern portions of the Soapstone Trail connect with the Strawberry Snowmobile Complex.

This well-groomed 10.5-mile trail spur provides access to the Mirror Lake and Mill Hollow snowmobile complexes from the Hanna Trailhead. A popular hill climbing area is located near Wolf Creek Pass. This trail is generally well-shaded and holds snow well.

This three-mile spur provides access to the Mirror Lake and Mill Hollow complexes from the Nobletts Trailhead. A large trailhead with restrooms makes this an attractive launching site for many riders. There are few play areas located along this trail, but wintering wildlife, including moose may be seen near the trailhead.

The Co-op Creek Trail offers tremendous views of the Strawberry Valley as it climbs through the switchbacks and turns on the mountainside. Extensive play and hill climbing areas are available near the trailhead and along the length of the trail.

The Strawberry River Trail features expansive play areas near the trailhead. The trail narrows as it winds its way to the top of the mountain where additional play and hill climbing areas are found. This area is prone to falling timber during storms, and snowmobilers are cautioned to be on the constant lookout for trees on the trail. Also the narrow nature of the trail requires extra caution, as riders must be on the lookout for oncoming traffic. Strong winds near the summit to the north can cause cornices to form on the hillsides. Hill climbers are cautioned to avoid corniced ridges.

This wide, well-groomed trail follows the western shores of Strawberry Reservoir to Renegade Point before climbing into the tree-covered slopes to the south of the reservoir. This is an excellent ride for all riders and features extensive play areas along its length. Several side loop trails intersect with the Strawberry Trail and provide excellent opportunities for riders to explore new country. Drifting is a distinct possibility along the open stretches of the trail, and because of the popularity of this trail, it can become bumpy.

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