Skyline Snowmobile Complex

The Mt Nebo and Ephraim/Manti/Mayfield (Twelve-Mile Canyon) Snowmobile Complexes are included here.

The Skyline Snowmobile Complex provides access to the Wasatch Plateau, with excellent snowmobiling from November to April. Trails here interconnect with those in the Skyline South Complex as accessed from Joes Valley and Ferron, and with the Scofield Snowmobile Complex to the north. These trails provides access to open riding opportunities rising above 10,000 feet. This central Utah area is located away from the major population centers of the Wasatch Front and offers generally uncrowded riding conditions. The varied terrain makes this a perfect destination. Whether you want to follow a groomed trail or glide through open fields of fresh powder, opportunities here are endless.

North Skyline-Tucker Trail

The trailhead at Tucker is at low elevation and often lacks sufficient snow for riding until mid winter. This trail rises rapidly from the oak and juniper of the foothills into the tall spruce and aspen of the mountains. Several miles into the trail, the trees provide sufficient shade to help maintain a reasonable snow depth throughout the season. The trail is easy riding and very popular. Due to extensive use and weather conditions, it may become bumpy at times. Expansive play areas are found at the top of the trail. The high elevation and excellent snow conditions on the upper parts of the Skyline trail provide great snowmobiling and tremendous views. Easily, one of the most popular trails in the area.

Ephraim/Manti/Mayfield Snowmobile Complex

Below are some specific items of interest about the trails included in the Ephraim/Manti/Mayfield Snowmobile Complex. Check with local U.S. Forest Service offices for guides and travel maps of ungroomed trails and other areas open to snowmobile use.

Ephraim Canyon Trail

Considered by some to be the best trail available in this part of the state, the Ephraim Canyon Trail provides easy access to Skyline Drive via Ephraim Canyon. This wide trail features relatively shallow grades with few surprises. Twists and turns along the length of the canyon add to the variety and provide opportunities for snowmobilers to experience some great views of the Sanpete Valley. Grooming ends at the Philadelphia Flat Road junction just below Skyline Drive. Riders should watch for deer at lower elevations and should maintain a respectful distance.

Manti Canyon Trail

Like the Ephraim Canyon Trail, the Manti Canyon Trail allows riders relatively easy access to Skyline Drive and play areas of the Wasatch Plateau. Though not as wide as the Ephraim Canyon Trail, this route is a somewhat quicker means of accessing the top of the mountain. Grooming ends at Elderberry Flat, and riders desiring to go beyond this point should be aware of significant danger from avalanches in this area. Never proceed beyond the groomed trail alone or without proper avalanche safety equipment.

Twelvemile Canyon Trail

The Twelvemile Trail follows the bottom of Twelvemile Canyon and as such may be devoid of snow during dry years. Additionally, during low snow years, logging operations continue well into the winter months and snow is removed from the Twelvemile Canyon Road. When sufficient snow falls to allow for grooming, this trail provides plenty of opportunities for all snowmobilers.

Riders should be aware of the likelihood of drifting in the Newfield Reservoir and Spring Hill areas, and should enter the Wasatch Plateau play areas with due caution. The eastern slopes of the Wasatch Plateau are steep and may be unstable. Additionally, flat light may reduce visibility of the many ledges and cliffs in the area. Always ride under control.

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