Utah Snowmobile Laws

The Division of Parks and Recreation helps people enjoy snowmobiling in Utah, maintains hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails, and administers off-highway vehicle laws and rules. Snowmobiles are off-highway vehicles (OHVs).

The following highlights from Utah's OHV laws and rules answer frequently asked questions about snowmobile activities on public roads, trails, and lands.

Snowmobiles being operated or transported on public roads, trails, or lands must display a current snowmobile (OHV) registration sticker. If you are a nonresident visiting Utah, you must obtain a nonresident snowmobile user permit from an authorized vendor.

Mount them on the left side of the hood or pan. Base decals remain on your snowmobile until you sell or transfer it. New registration validation stickers are issued annually. Place them over the base decals, leaving the numbers on the base decals visible.

Snowmobile registration expires annually on October 31. The annual registration fee for each snowmobile is $22 for Utahns or $30 for non-residents. There is also a $2 fee that helps supplement Utah's OHV education program.

Currently registered snowmobiles may be operated on public roads, trails, or lands that are signed or designated as open to snowmobile use. The Division of Parks and Recreation grooms hundreds of miles of trails for snowmobilers. Please do not operate your snowmobile on private land without the owner's permission.

Rules related to who may operate snowmobiles on public lands are designated to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all riders.

No one under eight years of age may operate a snowmobile on public roads, trails, or lands.

Operators eight through 15 years of age must possess an OHV education certificate marked specifically for snowmobile use.

Operators 16 years of age and older must possess a valid driver's license or an OHV education certificate for snowmobile use.

Education certificates will be issued to anyone eight years old and older who completes the Division of Parks and Recreation OHV education course and passes a snowmobile knowledge and skills test. For training information contact the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation by calling 1-801-538-RIDE or visiting ohv.utah.gov. The education course is also available online which eliminates the wait for an in-person class.

Properly fitting, DOT safety rated helmets must be worn by snowmobile operators and passengers under 18 years of age. All operators and passengers of any age should wear protective head gear.

Ride on right side of the trail, giving the uphillbound machine the right of way. Be careful not to follow other snowmobiles too closely.

Use headlights and taillights in daylight and darkness.

It is illegal to drive a snowmobile while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Please park cars, trailers, campers, etc., in designated snowmobile parking lots. Check with local U.S. Forest Service offices for trail guides of ungroomed trails and other areas open to snowmobile use.

Have a safe and enjoyable snowmobile experience.

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