Ancestral Puebloan Ruins Itinerary

View rock art, cliff dwellings, castles and other ruins created by the Ancestral Puebloan culture. Seven days and twelve sites still standing after hundreds of years. How's that for amazing? View the itinerary and start planning.

Rock Art & Ancient Ruins

Day One: Moab

Drive to Moab

230 miles from Salt Lake City

116 miles from Grand Junction

460 miles from Las Vegas

Day Two: Mesa Verde

Spend the entire day exploring the stunning compilation of more than 3,900 documented archaeological sites. The park's most famous features are the numerous tiered Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings tucked beneath the mesa tops.

Day Three: Four Corners & Hovenweep National Monument

Drive south to Four Corner Monument, and stand in four states at once.

Drive to Hovenweep National Monument (gravel road). Spend a few hours exploring the ancient stone castles and castles built by the Ancestral Puebloan people.

Stay the night in Bluff, Utah.

Day Four: Bluff Area Ruins

Sand Island Petroglyphs

Rock art left by people from many cultures over hundreds of years.

Cemetery Hill & Historic District

Where Mormon pioneers settled Bluff in the 1970's.

16 Room Ruin

This is a classic Ancestral Puebloan ruin site, and was one of the first to ever be photographed.

Wolfman Panel

Impressive Ancestral Puebloan rock art.

Day Five: Monument Valley

Drive to Monument Valley and Gouldings Trading Post, located on the Utah/Arizona border. This area is part of the Navajo Nation and offers the opportunity to learn about modern Navajo culture.

Monument Valley’s classic Western landscape has served as the setting for scores of movies. Take the sunset Monument Valley tour from Gouldings Lodge.

Take a guided tour of the ancient ruins in Monument Valley. Gouldings Lodge offers half-day and all-day tours.

Day Six: Natural Bridges & Goosenecks State Park

Drive to Natural Bridges by way of Hwy 261. Take a side trip to the Goosenecks State Park where you can look down the winding path of the San Juan River. Continue on to Natural Bridges National Monument.

Drive the scenic loop where you can look down on the monument’s three impressive natural stone bridges.

Enjoy an adventure hike down into the canyon and walk beneath the bridges. Also watch for Ancestral Puebloan ruins and rock art in this canyon.

Drive to Blanding, Utah, where you’ll spend the night. Be sure to visit the ancient Pueblo ruins at Edge of the Cedars State Park in Blanding.

Day Seven: Homeward Bound

Sleep in, enjoy breakfast, swap Instagram photos and head on out.

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