Beaver Canyon - Scenic Drives & Byways

From Beaver on I-15, byway U-153 ascends east to the Tushar Mountain Range in the Fishlake National Forest ending at Eagle Point Ski Resort.

Along this byway, the Tushar Mountains provide excellent camping, hiking, mountain biking and hunting. Fishing is plentiful in mountain lakes and streams. Beaver Canyon is filled with colorful aspens and maples each fall. Winter activities throughout the canyon include snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

Eagle Point Ski Resort, 17 miles east of the town of Beaver, is nestled beneath 12,000-foot Mt. Holly and Delano Peak. The year-round resort has shops, restaurants, lodges and condominiums.

U-153, where it joins U-21 west of Beaver, also provides access to Minersville State Park

The Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway is 17 miles long and takes 45 minutes.

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