Cedar Breaks Scenic Drive

Between U-14 and U-143, the Cedar Breaks Scenic Byway, U-148, highlights the scenery of the Dixie National Forest and the multi-colored rock amphitheater of Cedar Breaks National Monument fifteen miles east of Cedar City.

Cedar Breaks is a large amphitheater about one half mile deep and three miles from rim to rim. The walls are eroded into carved spirals with dazzling multi-colored ridges and rock formations. The amphitheater, especially when viewed in the morning or evening, glows with hues of orange, coral, rose and white. Small stands of bristlecone pines grow along the rim. The visitor center features park information and interpretive activities from June through October. From Cedar Breaks, U-148 continues north to meet U-143, the Brian Head-Panguitch Lake Scenic Byway.

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