Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway Scenic Drive

A National Scenic Byway

This federally designated National Scenic Byway winds through eastern Utah and western Colorado. Key attractions are dinosaur-related and including active quarries where you can watch paleontologists uncover fossils embedded in stone, backcountry sites where you can view dinosaur fossils and footprints, and museums which display fossils, replicas and information about dinosaurs.

Dinosaur National Monument, the Utah Field House of Natural History, The College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum and Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry are all found in this area.

In addition to dinosaur sites, the route provides access to Nine Mile Canyon and its intricate ancient Fremont rock art, and other highly significant archaeological areas.

Scenery is outstanding throughout this area. The Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway skirts Arches and Canyonlands national parks, follows the Colorado River through deep canyons near Moab, and extends northward through Price and Vernal. It is an amazing drive.

This region is famous for outdoor recreational opportunities, including camping, hiking, biking, whitewater river running and off-road jeeping. The Slickrock bike trail, located near Moab, draws mountain bike enthusiasts from around the world. The Colorado, Green and Yampa rivers offer famous whitewater rapids. Some sections of Canyonlands National Park can only be seen by people willing to travel by four-wheel-drive into some of the most rugged country in the world.

See our dinosaur section for more info about Utah dinosaur sites.

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