Fish Lake Scenic Drive

U-25 to Fishlake and Johnson Reservoir

Accessible via US-89 and U-24, this is a trek through mountains and meadows of the Fishlake National Forest.

This byway is reached by traveling southeast from Sigurd on Highway 24 to its junction with Highway 25. Early in the drive, visitors experience a change in terrain from sagebrush and occasional trees to high mountain aspen, shimmering in their summer greenery or blazing fall foliage. Wildlife is abundant along the way. Deer are a common sight among the trees and careful observers are treated to glimpses of squirrels and other small game. Moose were recently introduced to the area and may be sighted as well as elk. Mountain lions make their homes in the surrounding mountains, but are rarely seen. At Fish Lake a variety of waterfowl and birds are established including Golden and Bald eagles.

This byway is 13 miles long and requires approximately 45 minutes.


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