Top 5 Sights in Bryce Canyon

Top 5 Sights in Bryce Canyon

By Chad Taylor
December 04, 2015

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The gothic grandeur of Bryce Canyon in 5 essential stops.

If the erosion of Southern Utah had a gothic period, Bryce Canyon National Park would be Notre Dame. Sandstone arches, columns, buttresses and pinnacles foreshadowed the great European cathedrals at a grander scale.

You’ve gotta see these five things on your trip to Bryce. It’s creepily beautiful (and it costs a fraction of the airfare to France). Plan your trip now.

5. Highway 12 Scenic Byway

Bryce Canyon is the southwestern origin of this two-lane ribbon through the yellows, whites, greens, oranges and reds of southern Utah. Explore a list of too many things to see on the way from Bryce to Capitol Reef. Read more

4. Twin Bridges/Navajo Loop Trail

Hike in, on and through the precipitous hoodoos, and pray it doesn’t rain too hard or you’ll wash down the canyon. Great exercise as you climb and descend the switchbacks over its 3 miles. Read more

3. Snowy Hoodoos

At 8,500 feet above sea level, Bryce stays cooler than most of the state (average temps in July: 83˚F; in January: 9˚F). But if you can handle the chill, the amphitheaters that make up the park are stunning in winter, with snow highlighting red tones saturated by snowmelt. Read more

2. Fairyland Point and Loop Trail

You lose and regain 950 feet on the Fairlyland Loop Trail. Take the short spur trail at the halfway point to Tower Bridge. You’ll be glad you did. And if you only have 30 seconds to spend at Bryce Canyon, you want to spend them at Fairlyand Point. Read more

1. Watch the sun set (or rise) in the park

Doesn't matter if you're an early bird or a night owl. The park is open 24 hours. Read more

Places to Stay Near Bryce

Taking in this much beauty is exhausting. Explore Bryce Canyon comfortably by staying at one of our favorite nearby lodging options:

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