Fairyland Loop Trail

The Fairyland Loop Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park takes hikers from Fairyland Point on the rim, down into the amphitheaters and labyrinths, among the hoodoos and spires, and through deep, stone canyons of pink, white, and tan. The hike is long, dropping close to 900 feet into the bottom of the valley, and then circling wide around the massive base of Boat Mesa. The trail sticks to the bottoms of Fairyland and Campbell Canyon for the majority of the journey.

Trail Head: 37.64981746916702, -112.14589892048379
Trail Type: Hiking
Length: 8.3 miles round trip
Difficulty: Strenuous


The trail descends the rim of the canyon at Fairyland Point, and then follows Fairyland Canyon until it reaches the south side of Boat Mesa.


The great bulk of Boat Mesa sits to the south of the trail as hikers wander down Fairyland Canyon. But instead of following the canyon all the way down to its confluence with Campbell Canyon, the trail turns southward and leaves the Fairyland, climbing up the slope that saddles the southern foot of Boat Mesa, between Fairyland and Campbell Canyon.


Tower Bridge is a large hoodoo flanked by two natural arches, set within the eroding fin of rock just off of the main trail at the entrance to Campbell Canyon.


The China Wall is a hedge of hoodoos just south of Campbell Canyon, along the Fairyland Loop Trail. The tall line of hoodoos is set in a row atop a small ridge, looking very much like they were purposely built there, hence the allusion to the Great Wall of China.


Continuing west past the China Wall, hikers must climb the rim of the canyon again, ascending almost 900 feet to the top. There is an intersection in the trail here, the Fairyland Loop swings north, back toward Fairyland Point. If they wish, hikers have the chance to head west at the intersection and visit the Bryce Canyon Lodge and the General Store before going back to the loop and continuing north once more.

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