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Have Your Own Summer of George in Utah This Year

By Brian Higgins
May 26, 2023

Summer is here, and it’s set to be a good one. But are you ready to truly make it your summer? If you are, then it’s time to channel Jason Alexander in “Seinfeld,” and proudly yell “I proclaim this the Summer of George!” But say your own name, not George. Unless, you know, your name really is George.

You don’t have to be a “Seinfeld” fan to appreciate George’s message. After all, these are the best months of the year, you should make the most of them! Or as George put it, “Taste the fruits and let the juices drip down!” Unfortunately, things don’t work out too well for George in the show (they rarely do). But he had some good ideas, and with a bit of tweaking, George’s rubric could make for the best summer ever. So get ready to start the Summer of [Your Name Here] in Utah. 

Decompression Period

One thing George got right — you can’t just start your vacation right off the bat. You need a day or two to decompress. We don’t recommend getting a recliner with a fridge built into it (you’ll stay there), but a few days of exploring Utah’s cities will set your mind right. Stroll down Main Street in Park City, enjoy the nightlife in Salt Lake City, walk beneath the towering Mount Timpanogos in Provo or check out Ogden’s vibrant art scene. Wherever you go, be sure to enjoy the architecture — Art Vandelay would approve.

Learn to Play Frolf

If, like George, you’ve always wanted to learn to play frolf (or disc golf, as the pros call it), there’s no better place to learn than Green River State Park. Not only is there a tournament level 18-hole disc golf course that’s great for beginners and experts alike, but it’s also right along the scenic shores of (you guessed it) the Green River. If you want a more mountain-y vibe, check out courses at ski resorts like SolitudeBrian HeadEagle Point. And if you like your tosses with a desert view, visit the stunning course at Kodachrome Basin State Park.

Read a Whole Book From Beginning to End. In That Order!

George wasn’t able to accomplish this relatively simple goal during his summer, but maybe he just didn’t have the right backdrop. Meanwhile, you’ll find plenty of places to relax by the water and do some beach reading in Utah. We might not have an ocean (Salt Lakes don’t count), but they don’t call Bear Lake the Caribbean of the Rockies for nothing. The clear, turquoise-blue water is the perfect way to cool off when that romance novel gets too steamy, and the annual Raspberry Days Festival is a great way to taste that fruit George was talking about. 

If the turquoise water isn’t enough to replicate an ocean beach, then set your towel down at the red sand beaches of Sand Hollow State Park. With soft sand between your toes, you’ll get the authentic beach reading experience (falling asleep after five pages).

Go Rock Climbing (and Remember to Bring Sandwiches)

George only went rock climbing once in the show, and he was certainly no Alex Honnold, but we’re betting with more time he would’ve become master of the rock domain. You can enjoy some world-class climbing of your own at places like Little Cottonwood CanyonMaple Canyon and any number of iconic sites around Moab. Book a guide or have a climber friend show you the ropes (pun intended). 

Or, better yet, visit Joe’s Valley. A bouldering paradise, the routes in Joe's Valley don’t require equipment outside of shoes, chalk and crashpads. And it’s such a climbing town, you can even rent crash pads at the local coffee shop. No word on whether or not this coffee shop offers a big salad. 

Brush Up on Your Marine Biology

You won’t get the chance to rescue a beached whale in Utah (the ones in the Great Salt Lake are probably a myth), but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice your marine biology. There are plenty of places to get your hands on some pristine specimens, from the iconic cutthroat trout to largemouth bass, unique fish like the kokanee salmon and countless other species. 

Whether you’re casting a line under the craggy canyon walls along the Provo River or on the expansive banks of Flaming Gorge, you can’t really go wrong fishing in Utah. Book a guide and you’ll have access to all the best secret spots. You might just get your hands on a true trophy fish, and in that moment … you’ll be a marine biologist. 

See a Baseball Game

They might not be the Yankees, but the Triple-A Salt Lake Bees deliver one of the best ballpark experiences in the country. After all, the Bronx Bombers probably wish they had a backdrop like the Bees do. With a panoramic Wasatch Mountain sunset filling the space behind center field, you’d be forgiven if you forget there’s a baseball game happening.

So grab some peanuts and Cracker Jacks and root, root, root for the home team — while you still can. The Bees are set to move to Daybreak in 2025, where they’ll have to endure those Wasatch Mountain sunsets from a slightly different angle. It’s the end of an era in Salt Lake sports, and probably the biggest change in baseball since George switched the Yankees to cotton uniforms. 

Just like the Bees’ time in Salt Lake won’t last forever, neither will this summer, so channel your inner George and live life to the fullest. Just be sure to do it a little better than he did.