Kanarra Creek Canyon

Kanarra Creek offers a fun slot canyon hike in a very photogenic canyon just outside the Kolob Canyons section of Zion National Park. Access is easy, the hike is relatively short and the route can be customized to keep it easy or make it a little challenging.

Trail Head: 37.5363, -113.165

Trail Type: Hiking

Length: 3.5 miles round trip

Difficulty: Moderate

A permit is required to hike this trail. The cost is $15. You can purchase your permit online or at a kiosk located at the trailhead. Tickets are limited to 150 hikers per day.

The challenge comes from two waterfalls that block upstream travel through the narrow slot. Water flows here year-round and hikers must wade the stream in many places. The hike to the base of the first waterfall is short and easy. If you want moderate challenge then climb the falls and continue up the canyon.

Tree limbs and ropes will probably be in place to allow hikers to clear the falls without technical climbing gear. But the limbs and ropes will deteriorate over time - test them before risking your life. If those things are not available then it would be very difficult to climb past the falls.


This canyon is located just east of the town of Kanarraville, just south of Cedar City. Exit I-15 and drive to the center of the small town. Follow 100 North about four blocks east to the parking lot, then walk up the trail to the entrance gate where the permit kiosk is located on the left.

Just hike up the canyon, following trails above the stream when possible and then wading up the stream where that is the only option. (In the heat of summer you may want to spend more time in the water, but hiking is much easier if you can follow a dry trail.)


The canyon narrows quickly and becomes scenic, photogenic and fun. Just continue into the slot as far as you feel comfortable.


A tree has been placed against the first waterfall, with boards nailed to it to provide handholds and footing. It is relatively easy to climb the tree to the top of the waterfall.


When we visited, a rope was strung along the canyon wall, with rungs tied into it, to allow hikers to climb above the second waterfall. The rope looks intimidating, but we found the climb to be easier than it looked.

There are interesting features in the canyon above the second fall - if you choose to hike farther. We encourage hikers to continue at least another half-mile, to a nice swimming hole with mossy rock slide.

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