Hole In The Rock Trail

Use of this famous and historic Mormon Trail starts about 150 miles from Moab. The off-highway portion begins and ends near Halls Crossing on Utah Highway 276 and travels to within a couple of miles of the pioneer crossing of the Colorado River (now Lake Powell). A large group of Mormon settlers in wagons used some of this route on a journey from Escalante to Bluff, a trip they expected to take six weeks but actually took six months. It is an amazing expanse of open country.

Difficulty Rating

6 (old 4)


The nearby country is a sea of weathered Navajo Sandstone. If any southern Utah scenes inspire awe, the overview of the Great Bend of the San Juan River has to be on the list. Navajo Mountain is in constant view throughout the distant part of the trail.

Road Surface

Most of the route is on sandstone, either in its slickrock form or its weathered and wind-blown sand grains.


Lake Canyon is fascinating for its recent human and geologic histories - possibly interesting for trail washouts. The approach to and ascent of Grey Mesa is challenging. The slickrock channel called The Chute and canyons beyond are the most difficult parts.

Special Considerations

Because of the trail's remoteness, a fuel fill near Halls Crossing is recommended. The off-highway drive is only about 60 miles round trip but the start is about 75 miles from Blanding and 12 miles short of Halls Crossing. Remember, the country is remote, dry, and unforgiving.

Hole in the Rock Trailhead

(37.4212, -110.50463)

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