Hunters Canyon

This easy trail goes up Hunter Canyon, just south of the Colorado River west of Moab. The canyon is beautiful, similar to the more famous Negro Bill Canyon east of Moab. Hunter Canyon has a stream that flows during spring and summer months, and after rainstorms. The canyon bottom contains lush vegetation and supports a variety of animal life.


(38.5099, -109.596)

The trailhead is located along the Kane Creek Road, about 7.5 miles west of its junction with Hyw 191.

Hunters Arch

(38.5069, -109.593)

A large arch is located high on the right (looking up canyon) about a half mile from the trailhead.

Hunters Canyon

(38.5043, -109.587)

From the parking area at the mouth of the canyon, the hiker-established path runs for about two miles until it gets lost in thick brush. You can hike farther, but the going gets very difficult.

Rock Art

Several panels of rock art can be found along the Kane Creek Road before the trailhead, including the famous "birthing scene" petroglyph.

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