Beus Canyon Trail 

The Beus Canyon Trail is part of the Great Western Trail. The Beus Canyon segment runs from the east side of Ogden City up to a saddle just south of Mt Ogden Peak. From that saddle it is just a short climb to the summit. From the saddle, the Great Western Trail descends down the east side following a Snowbasin access road and connects to the Wheeler Creek Trail.


(41.1773, -111.929)

The trailhead is located at the top of 4600 South, on the east side of Ogden. Follow the street east until the road curves south near the microwave towers. The trailhead is signed. There is a parking area but no drinking water or restrooms.

The lower part of the trail is easy as it climbs to the mouth of Beus Canyon, where it intersects the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The trail continues along Beus Creek until it reaches a small meadow where the canyon forks. This meadow is locally known as Fern Valley, for obvious reasons. From there the trail continues along the south fork of the stream and then climbs the ridge between Beus Canyon and Birch Canyon to the south. The trail continues to climb at a steep pitch as it goes north to the head of Beus Creek. From there, follow rock cairns to the saddle just south of Mount Ogden Peak.

Mt Ogden Summit

(41.1999, -111.882)

Mt Ogden Peak has an elevation of 9,501 feet. From the top you can see almost forever. There is a radio tower on the summit, and some think it distracts from the aesthetics of the hike. Nevertheless, views from the summit make the hike worthwhile.

Snowbasin Ski Resort

(41.2005, -111.866)

It is possible to hike from Ogden up Beau Canyon and over the mountain to Snowbasin. However, most people are more interested in hiking out and back to the summit. The shortest route to the summit is from the Snowbasin side, following the jeep access road. However, the Beus Canyon Trail is more scenic, and more convenient for people living in the Ogden area.

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