Bonneville Shoreline Trail

This trail follows what was the shoreline of ancient Lake Bonneville. Various sections of the trail run from Ogden down to Payson.

Here we describe the section near downtown Salt Lake City, from City Creek around and above the Avenues and down Dry Gulch to the trailhead. You'll encounter steep climbs but nothing too technical along this fun route.

The trail is mostly singletrack but you will transverse some double-track, as various other trails cross or merge with the Shoreline Trail.

City Creek Trailhead

(40.79, -111.87944)

The City Creek trailhead is in the bottom of City Creek Canyon, at the top of Bonneville Boulevard. Our recommended ride follows the trail for about 7 miles as it loops up into the foothills. It intersects with the Bobsled Trail, which is a very steep chute that takes you straight down into the city.

Dry Gulch Trailhead

(40.777633, -111.837083)

After crossing a couple more washes the route descends Dry Gulch to the trailhead, which is located above Federal Point Drive (an extension of 11th Ave).

You can have a shuttle waiting there or ride city streets back to City Creek.

Bobsled Trail

(40.797637, -111.853691)

Alternately, you can take a fast ride down the Bobsled Trail into the city.

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