Indian Trail

In olden times, Shoshone Indians used this trail to avoid the high waters at the mouth of the canyon. Now the paved highway provides easy access into the canyon.

The Indian Trail is a moderate hike that ascends through lush evergreen forest and past interesting geology. It climbs steeply into Ogden Canyon, winds in and out of Warm Water Canyon, climbs to "Nevada Viewpoint" on the ridge between Warm Water Canyon and Cold Water Canyon, and then descends to into Cold Water Canyon near the Cold Water Canyon Trailhead. You can hike it out and back, or arrange a shuttle and hike from trailhead to trailhead.

22nd Street Trailhead

(41.2265, -111.931)

This trailhead is located at the top of 22nd Street, on the east side of Ogden, near the mouth of Ogden Canyon. There is a paved parking area but no other facilities.

Warm Water Canyon

(41.2382768, -111.9093847)

Warm Water Canyon is an easy-to-recognize landmark along the trail.

Cold Water Canyon Trailhead

(41.2407767, -111.9004956)

The Cold Water Canyon Trailhead is in Ogden Canyon, about 1.5 miles up from its intersection with Valley Drive (at Rainbow Gardens). There is a Smokey the Bear sign along the highway by the trailhead.

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