Waterfall Canyon

This short but strenuous hike includes a rugged scramble over steep, rocky terrain, yet it has long been one of Ogden’s most popular hikes thanks to the spectacular 200-foot waterfall at the upper end of the canyon. Please respect the private property on both sides of the trail and don’t be tempted to climb the cliffs around the waterfall. It’s illegal and several hikers have fallen to their deaths from the treacherous rocks.

The total hiking distance is short but the hike is strenuous because you must cross steep, rocky terrain. The hike is out and back, you return the way you came in.

29th Street Trailhead

(41.211, -111.932)

The trail begins at the Mt Ogden Trailhead at the top of 29th Street, on the east side of Ogden. Several signed trails begin here. Follow the trail signed as Malan Falls. The first part of the hike is easy, as it climbs uphill to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. From there follow the Shoreline Trail south to the mouth of Waterfall Canyon.

Canyon Mouth

(41.2038, -111.93)

Spur trails run in every direction but it is easy to follow the main trail. After crossing the wooden bridge at the mouth of Waterfall Canyon, follow the obvious trail along the south side of the small stream. After a short distance the trail crosses to the north side, again via a wooden bridge. From there just continue following the trail along the north side until you see the waterfall.


(41.2002, -111.92)

To get close to the waterfall you'll have to rock hop or wade the stream a time or two, depending on water levels. During spring and early summer you may have to wade.

The final approach is difficult but well worth the effort.

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