Bell Canyon Trail (to first waterfall)

Popular for good reason. Head out early in the morning or on weekdays to avoid crowds. This hike runs up Bell Canyon, past a scenic reservoir, and up to a beautiful waterfall. Along the way you get majestic views of the Salt Lake Valley.


The canyon is located on the east side of the valley, above Sandy, just off of Wasatch Blvd. Wildlife is commonly seen along this trail, including mountain goats in rocky areas. The trailhead is located at about 10245 South on Wasatch Blvd. It is clearly signed. The trail runs east up the mountain, initially following a dirt road.

Bell Canyon Reservoir

Bell Canyon Reservoir is about 1/2 mile above the trailhead. It's a great place to take a break, enjoy a snack and soak in the natural beauty. The trail is easy to this point. Some choose to turn around here, avoiding the more strenuous hike up the canyon to the waterfall.

First Waterfall

The stream here flows over a series of waterfalls. The first is the most impressive, and the destination of our recommended hike. The trail becomes considerably more strenuous as you proceed beyond that point.

Upper Bell Canyon Reservoir

Another reservoir exists along the stream above the first waterfall. It is a great destination for those seeking a strenuous hike.

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