City Creek Hiking Trail

From downtown street to mountain trails in minutes.

Exploring City Creek via Canyon Road or the adjacent wooded trail is super crazy accessible from downtown on foot. Start at the intersection of North Temple and State Street. If you head east on North Temple, you'll be on 2nd Avenue. Hang a left (north) onto Canyon Road towards Memory Grove. If you've got a car, you can park on Canyon Road before the entrance of Memory Grove.

Hiking City Creek Road

City Creek road is paved and great for walking, running, and biking. The first 3.6 miles run alongside a beautiful mountain stream, and the final 2 miles take explorers to Rotary Park.

City Creek Hiking Trail

There is a wooded trail that runs adjacent to the road and is 3 miles up to the water-treatment plant. The beginning of the trail is shared with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, and you can choose to stay along the City Creek Trail or veer off up into the hills on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

City Creek Trailhead

(40.776346, -111.885498)

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