Lake Blanche

Lake Blanche is a classic hiking destination in the Twin Peaks Wilderness Area. You'll find the trailhead up Big Cottonwood Canyon at the Mill B South Fork trailhead, at the bottom of the S-curve.

The trail meanders through the shade of scrub oak and aspen trees, and opens up intermittently where you can get views of the opposing quartzite mountains as well as Great Salt Lake.

Open areas can get wicked hot during summer afternoons--best to hike it first thing in the morning. Bring plenty of water as the steep trail will keep you sweating constantly.

The dramatic views near the lake of the Salt Lake Valley and the lake itself are iconic landscapes in Utah's Wasatch mountain range.

Sundial Peak rises above the lake. Two other small lakes (Florence and Lillian) are found in the area and can be visited by hiking short, signed spur trails.

Mill B Trailhead
(40.6336, -111.724)

Several trails begin at the Mill B Trailhead, which is about 4.4 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The Lake Blanche trail is signed and easy to find. Look for it on the east end of the lower parking lot.

Lake Blanche
(40.6059, -111.693)

Follow the signed trail east from the trailhead. It soon crosses a bridge over a stream and then continues up the mountainside. It is a wide, well-marked trail that leads right to the lake. After spending time enjoying the lake, return the way you came in.

Lake Florence
(40.6052, -111.697)

We recommend you hike directly to Lake Blanch. Then, if you have enough time and energy, we strongly encourage you to take the short spur trails to explore lakes Florence and Lillian.

Lake Lillian
(40.6035, -111.698)

Lake Blanch is the highest of the three lakes. As you hike, watch for paths leading around the other lakes.

Sundial Peak
(40.5986, -111.686)

Sundial Peak towers over the lakes, and makes a very impressive background for photographs.

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