Mineral Fork Trail

Where history & hiking come together in one cosmic, mountainous magic trail. Less crowded, a bit of a challenge and two abandoned silver mines.

Mineral Fork is 6.1 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon, on the south side of the canyon. Hike the trail in the spring, summer and fall to enjoy wildflowers and fall foliage; ski tour in winter for good turns—of course, check the avalanche forecast before you go.

Mines: The first mine you’ll come to is the Wasatch Mine (3 miles). If you have the energy to keep going, then keep on going until you get to Regulator Johnson Mine (5 miles).

The trail can get quite steep in sections, but there’s plenty of level sections to give your calves a rest and an opportunity to eat your homemade granola and drink water, water, water. The trail is less crowded, but you’ll also run into ATV’s and mountain bikes—so expect to share the trail with others.

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