Lava Flow Overlook Trail

The Lava Flow Overlook Trail in Snow Canyon State Park is a short trail that takes hikers from just below the junction of Snow Canyon Drive and State Route 18, down to a handful of very nice panoramic viewpoints, the West Canyon Overlook among them, and then down to the West Canyon Road.
Lava Flow Overlook Trailhead
(37.223357, -113.642661)
The trailhead is located 3/4 of a mile south of the Snow Canyon Drive/State Route 18 Junction, and 1/4 of a mile north of the Snow Canyon Overlook on State Route 18.
Whiterocks Trail Junction
(37.224315, -113.645991)
The Whiterocks Trail joins the Lava Flow Overlook Trail less than 1/4 of a mile from the trailhead. Whiterocks Trail originates just below the Cinder Cone Trail at the north end of the canyon, with access to the Whiterocks Natural Amphitheatre and a series of awesome overlooks of West Canyon and Snow Canyon.
Butterfly Trail Junction
(37.215564, -113.644561)
Only 0.34 miles after the Whiterock Trail Junction, Lava Flow Overlook Trail is joined by the Butterfly Trail coming in from the Petrified Dunes to the south. The Butterfly Trail boasts a beautifully rugged trail.
Lava Flow (West Canyon) Overlook
(37.218568, -113.649806)
The Overlook grants hikers a nice view of West Canyon Road and the Petrified Dunes.
West Canyon Road Junction
(37.218614, -113.654996)
West Canyon Road begins down at the Sand Dune picnic area, and travels up, intercepting the Lava Flow Overlook Trail , and then continuing up West Canyon until it disappears into the narrow walls of the upper canyon.

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