Rim Trail

The Rim Trail at Bryce Canyon is a decent-sized, but fairly easy hike—with less than 200 feet of elevation gain—that spans the rim of the amphitheatre from up north at Fairyland Point, down past the Bryce Canyon Lodge, and on to Bryce Point. Shaped like a deranged crescent, it offers views of many of the same landmarks from diametric viewpoints.

Trail Head: 37.649463, -112.147767
Trail Type: Hiking
Length: 4.7 miles one way
Difficulty: Easy

The majority of the trails within the park originate along the rim of the canyon, making it easy for those who wish to add one of the loop trails to their exploration of the Rim Trail. Though Fairyland Point is labeled as the trailhead here, there is no problem starting at Bryce Point.

Hikers will need to have a shuttle relay them back to their vehicles if they do not plan on hiking all the way back to the beginning.


Marking the northernmost point of the Rim Trail, Fairyland Point also serves as the trailhead for the Fairyland Loop Trail, and a vantage point for those who desire to partake of the impressive view of Boat Mesa, Fairyland Canyon, the Sinking Ship, and Campbell Canyon. It is farther away from the group that consists of Sunrise, Sunset, and Inspiration Points, which are all closer together, and therefore offers more of a unique perspective of the park.


Sunrise Point marks the trailhead to the Queens Garden Loop Trail, close to half-way through the Rim Trail. It sits just to the east of the Bryce Canyon Lodge, just above its sibling, Sunset Point. From Sunrise Point, hikers have a great view of the Bryce Amphitheatre as well as the Mormon Temple, the Queens Garden, Bristlecone Point, and even further landmarks such as the Sinking Ship and Boat Mesa.


Sunset Point sits just below Sunrise Point, near the middle of the Rim Trail. It serves as the trailhead for the most popular trail of the park, the Navajo Loop Trail. From Sunset Point, viewers can gaze upon Thor’s Hammer, the Silent City, the tops of Wall Street’s deep canyon, and the Bryce Amphitheatre.


Inspiration Point sits along the lower leg of the Rim Trail, just to the west of the Cathedral down in the amphitheatre. Inspiration Point does not have any official trails of its own, but owns a great, perpendicular view of many of the famous landmarks of Bryce Point, and both Sunrise and Sunset Points.


Bryce Point serves as the lower end of the Rim Trail, and as the upper end of the Under the Rim Trail, coming in all the way from Rainbow Point to the south. Bryce Point also serves as the trailhead to the Peekaboo Loop Trail, which meanders down the side of the amphitheatre, among the Cathedral, the Alligator, and below the Wall of Windows.

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