Canyonlands National Park Visitor Information

Everything you need to know about Utah’s largest national park.

You could spend years — a lifetime even — exploring all the canyons, buttes and mesas found within Canyonlands National Park’s 337,598 acres. Some of its nooks and crannies are so remote, you likely won’t see another Homo sapien for hours. But most people have responsibilities that prevent such extended expeditions, not to mention other hobbies to hone. Before you attempt to make the world’s largest rubber band ball or sign up for that soap carving class, use this travel guide from to curate a Canyonlands vacation as obscure or obvious as you want it to be.

Visitor Center Information and Hours

To everything (turn, turn, turn) there is a season (turn, turn, turn) and a time to hit the visitor center. OK … so maybe those aren’t Seeger’s exact lyrics. But the hours of most visitor centers do change with the season. It’d be a shame if you weren’t able to get a backcountry permit because you showed up 5 minutes too late, or didn’t have enough cash to pay the entrance fee.

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Canyonlands Itineraries & Articles

You can cover a lot of ground (and water) in just two days. See the park by boot, boat and OHV. This itinerary also ventures out of national park territory into a neighboring state park.  

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Winter in Canyonlands

Wondering when to visit Canyonlands? Summer is a great time for river rafting, but can make for sweaty, sweltering hikes. Spring and fall are nice. Winter? It gets chilly, with average highs ranging from 44-56 degrees Fahrenheit from November through February and lows dropping to 22-30 F. But with proper preparation and planning, exploring Canyonlands during the winter months is an unforgettable experience. There are fewer visitors which means you’ll have many trails to yourself and no unwanted people in your pics. And the soft winter light makes for some pretty amazing photographs of the landscape.

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Guide to Canyonlands National Park

What’s that? You want more Canyonlands tips? The crew put together a guide for travelers of all abilities. From an iconic hike less than ½-mile round trip to a 100-mile off-roading adventure, get the inside info on the outside world here.  

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Canyonlands Maps & T-shirts

Before there were apps, there were maps. And any outdoorsy person knows the importance of having an indestructible map in their pack. Get yourself a waterproof, tear-resistant National Geographic Canyonlands National Park topographic map from our store. No worries if (when) your klutzy cohort spills his electrolyte drink on it. You can still find your way through the Island in the Sky, Needles or Maze districts without any problem. While you’re shopping, check out our line of funny T-shirts. You’ll get compliments on the design and audible chortles from the Utah jokes whenever you wear one.

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