Zion Grotto Trail

The Zion Grotto Trail is a short stretch that connects the Grotto picnic area to Zion Lodge. It is level (negligible elevation gain), short, and easy, but gives visitors a nice taste of the spectacular canyons. You can make this route a full loop by taking the Grotto Trail from the picnic area down to Zion Lodge, and from there crossing the river, exploring the Emerald Pools, and then following the kayenta Trail back to the Grotto picnic area. The trail ends at the Zion Lodge, which has a restaurant, some shops, and most importantly, water.

Trail Head: 37.259392, -112.950038

Trail Type: Hiking

Length: .6 miles one way

Difficulty: Easy

The trail begins at the Grotto Picnic Area. Get there by riding the shuttle up Zion Canyon past Court of the Patriarchs and Zion Lodge; the Grotto is the next shuttle stop on the right.

The trail heads back down the canyon to the Zion Lodge, a good place to rest, eat and fill water bottles for further exploration.

If you make a loop hike via the Emerald Pools, you'll enjoy seeing a three-tiered pool and waterfall system, renowned for its beautiful falls and crystal pools.

The loop hike follow the Kayenta Trail, a short path that meanders along the low shelf at the foot of Mount Moroni, going from the Emerald Pools, to the Grotto.

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