Hidden Canyon [CLOSED]

(Closed until further notice due to major rockfall)

Hidden Canyon is a short, but steep ascent, secreted away between Cable Mountain and the backside of the Great White Throne. Situated where it is, the trail offers some great views—at an angle not seen from the standard hikes—of Angels Landing, Big Bend, the Organ, Cable Mountain, and of course, the Great White Throne.

The trailhead coincides with the beginning to the Weeping Rock and East rim Trail routes, at the top of the Big Bend. It then climbs 1,000 feet up steep switchbacks with some amazingly sheer drop offs. In some places it requires chains driven into the rock for support, creating a hike that should not be attempted by children, or those who are unsteady on their feet.

The trail ends at the top of the switchbacks, and hikers must enter the canyon itself as did the ancients—scrambling across the water-worn slickrock on their way to the secreted arches and boulders waiting inside. Hidden Canyon offers a great hike, with exciting vistas and awesome rock formations, without the ever-present crowds that haunt the other routes of the canyon.

Trail Head: 37.271047, -112.937425

Trail Type: Hiking

Length: 2.2 miles roundtrip

Difficulty: Strenuous

The trail begins down at Weeping Rocks, toiling up a series of switchbacks that lead into the crevice between Cable Mountain and the Great White Throne

The tremendous majesty of the Great White Throne towers over the western side of Hidden Canyon almost the entire distance.

On the eastern side of the canyon, Cable Mountain rises up above, cradling the canyon all the way to its origin atop the plateau.

Along the first part of the trail you have views down into Weekping Rock. The short Weeping Rock trail is disproportionally famous for the trickling water and the hanging gardens of ferns and mosses.

The traditional end of the Hidden Canyon Trail, these pools mark the end of the reasonably traversable part of the canyon. These pools are a favorite of those who brave the switchbacks, as they are home to much greenery, and some of Zion’s remarkable canyon tree frogs. There is a bouldering route just past the potholes that continues a half-mile up the canyon before the route gets too technical for normal visitors. The rest of the canyon requires technical climbing skills, though there are two arches before canyon emerges atop the plateau.

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