Goblin Valley Hiking

Goblin Valley is a very popular Utah state park offering exceptional opportunity for people of all ages to hike, climb and play. The valley is filled with strange rock formations eroded into all kinds of fanciful shapes. The rocks resemble mushrooms, goblins, castles and other structures. Many people combine Goblin Valley with the nearby Little Wildhorse Canyon hike. Spring and fall are ideal times to hike in this area. Summer afternoons are very hot.

Parking Area

(38.564143, -110.703355)

The parking area is on the rim of the valley, near Hanksville on the edge of the San Rafael Swell. A paved road leads to the valley. There are restrooms at the parking area.

Valley of Goblins

(38.563761, -110.702254)

There is no official trail here. You just choose a direction and go, wandering between the rocks, climbing over them, jumping off of them... Many people gravitate to the NE section because it has larger rock formations. You can easily spend a half day exploring the valley. Keep an eye on kids though because youngsters can get hurt falling from the rocks, and can get disoriented in the maze-like passages.


(38.572961, -110.713727)

The state park campground is very nice, with flush toilets. It is popular and fills up quickly on weekends in spring and fall.


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