Frary Peak Antelope Island

Frary Peak is the highest point on Antelope Island. The trail provides outstanding views of the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island and Wasatch Mountains. Bison and many other kinds of animals and birds are often seen along the trail.

Hike all the way to the summit, or turn around at any point. Hiking is most pleasant during early summer and fall months.

Dogs on a leash are allowed on this trail.

Frary Peak Trailhead

(40.9936, -112.203)

To reach the trailhead, drive to Antelope Island and then follow the Antelope Island Road south along the east shoreline. Antelope Island is a Utah State Park. You'll have to pay a small fee to enter the park.

Frary Peak

(40.9619, -112.216)

From the trailhead, follow the obvious, maintained trail as it heads west up the mountain, and then follows the ridgeline to the summit.

This is an out and back hike.

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